We have been installing wood pellet and log biomass boilers since 2011 and also offering bagged wood pellets since 2014. Biomass offers an excellent alternative to gas and oil fired central heating boilers and can be installed without the need to alter the existing radiator and hot water system.

We are partners with biomass boiler manufacturers Burnit and ETA and have built up a years of experience with both systems.

Biomass boilers are eligible for the renewable heat incentive and also the home energy Scotland interest free loan scheme which covers 75% of the upfront cost of installing a system. Both these schemes can be combined and offer a unique opportunity to make the switch to renewable heat.

During the early years of the domestic renewable heat incentive 2014 - 2016 biomass experienced a boom with the huge uptake which gradually reduced the available tariff levels to new applicants. However as of October 2017 the domestic renewable heat incentive Biomass tariff has been increased to continue to encourage its deployment.

Take a look at our renewable heat map to see the wide range of homes already taking advantage of this technology.